Welcome back to the Ottawa Mule Home Page. 
This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Ottawa Manufacturing Co.

As you well know, the site has been down for several months.
I purchased this site in April, hoping to be able to continue the site as it was.

We have exhausted all efforts to do so, so we must start from scratch. 
If anyone has any useful info from the old website or any pictures, stories, etc please forward and we will upload to this site.
Please see our contact info on the contact page.
Also any copies from the previous site would be helpful.

If anyone would like to take over as webmaster, please feel free to contact us.
I would gladly accept any help in design and maintenance of this site.
See our contact info.

This is your site!
Please feel free to provide any helpful information.
We will only publish info that you have authorized to be published on this site.

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