The Ottawa Manufacturing Co. was known under the names:
Union Foundries, Warner Manufacturing, and Warner Fence.
They had been in business since July 1904 in Ottawa, Kansas and were already very well known for their hit & miss flywheel engines and log saws as well as windmills, fencing, gas station pumps & lifts, refrigeration units, brake shoes, tree & brush saws, tractor mounted PTO driven saw rigs. They were in business nearly 50 years and they had their own foundry and metal working shop.

The Ottawa Manufacturing Co. was located in Ottawa Kansas.
The plant was quite large for its size in the 40's and 50's.  It had a large machine shop, and a fabrication department.  Not only did they make 4 or more different tractors, the Ottawa Mfg company produced and sold many implements for their tractors as well as some tractor competitors.  It produced and sold plows, mowers, blades, saws, discs, harrows, cultivators, tillers, post hole diggers and brush cutters.

The Ottawa Mule Tractors had many different features and options to serve their buyers.
The tractors ranged from 8 HP to 16 HP, see the tractor page for more info.

The Ottawa Manufacturing Co. started in business in 1904 and provided saws, implements and tractors for 47+ years.  Sadly the factory was destroyed when the Marais des Cygnes river flooded in 1951.  The factory was never rebuilt and the Ottawa Manufacturing Co. ceased to exist in 1951.
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